Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker Attachment

It’s been a while since I have posted something, life has been pretty crazy lately, so that I have not had a chance to work on my hobby. This installment is a review of my newest gadget, the ice cream maker attachment from KitchenAid.

I’m was using an old fashion ice cream maker that needs rock salt for quite a while. Apparently i have been good, so Santa brought me the KitchenAid Ice cream maker attachment for our stand mixer.


This ice cream maker attachment is for sale on Amazon for just under $100. You can purchase it through this link: KitchenAid stand mixer attachment

I made a batch of mint chocolate chip ice cream (recipe is here) to try this bad boy out. First I used a bowl to mix everything together, then I switched the bowl with the pre-frozen bowl to turn the mixture into ice cream. 30 minutes later, I transferred the ice cream into containers to rest in the freezer.

Here are the specifics of the ice cream maker attachment:

There 3 pieces in the box:

  1. Drive assembly, attaches to the motor drive
  2. Dasher, paddle that spins in the bowl
  3. Freeze bowl, pre-frozen bowl that holds and cools the yummy goodness

The bowl is stationary and the dasher spines around, driven by the motor and drive assembly. The drive assembly is spring loaded, it acts as a clutch so it kicks out when the ice cream becomes too thick.


  • Pretty quiet
  • Easy cleanup, but you have to wait until the bowl is at room temp.
  • Good instructions
  • Add products while churning, without stopping
  • Mixes additions in nicely and evenly.


  • Bowl has to freeze for a day, minimum
  • It barely holds 2 quarts


This is a great ice cream maker that makes uniform ice creams, without the need of rock salt. Adding ingredients is breeze as there is no cover to worry about.

If you plan on making multiple ice creams in a day, than this is not the ice cream maker as the bowl needs 24 hours to freeze.


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