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Sweet Jenny’s in Williamsville NY

After a walk through Glenn Park in the Village of Williamsville we went to check out Sweet Jenny’s. This is a local ice cream shop that has moved into the old mill.

Sweet Jenny's pic
Sweet Jenny’s in the old mill

The mill was almost demolished but has been re=purposed very well by Sweet Jenny’s.

When you enter the building you are greeted by the sweet smell of fresh baked waffle cones. The left side is The Ice cream making side (production if you want to call it that) and the right side is the Ice Cream and sweets shop. Yes besides the ice cream, they have a counter full of chocolates of many different flavors. I didn’t pay much attention to that part as we were hungry for ice cream on this hot day.

After the initial contact with the server, I was quickly assured that all their ice cream is home made as she was pulling off the hot waffle off the iron.  They had lots of different flavors too. I tend to stick with the classics.

I had a chocolate and vanilla ice cream in the home made waffle cone and it was delicious, the chocolate flavor was not overpowering and made a good balance with the vanilla ice cream.

The price is a little higher than in other local shops but this is home made ice cream and it does taste better than a Perry’s or another local brand.

As a bonus, the upstairs of the mill is a comic book store with all kinds of paraphernalia and even a couple of old fashion video games.

This rounded our trip out very nicely. I recommend a stop at Sweet Jenny’s when you are in town.

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Sweet Jenny’s Ice Cream
56 East Spring Street
Williamsville, NY 14221

Stay cool, eat Ice Cream!



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